Neko Atsume Tips And Cheats To Get Rare Cats

Neko Atsume is taking the world by storm, this kitty spotting game is not just adorable but often quite challenging as well. Whilst you have a variety of cats to try and spot and take photos of, there are also the rare cats. These cats will only come to your yard in certain situations. Some people can play the game for days on end and never see a rare cat, so this guide will help you to get the most out of the game and give you some neko atsume cheats iphone rare cats.

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First of all there’s actually a couple of normal cats who may come to your yard easily, they are Tubbs and Peaches. It isn’t hard to get Peaches into your yard as she likes all kinds of toys but it is hard to actually spot her, make sure you take her photo if you see her! Tubbs of course is only there for the food: TIP – Don’t refill the food bowl until he’s gone or he will simply empty it again.

Some cats don’t mind what food you have out, but they do require certain toys or items to be present in your yard, otherwise they won’t visit. Here’s a rundown of those kinds of rare cats in Neko Atsume:

Joe DiMeowgio: Make sure you have a Baseball in your yard for him to play with.

Guy Furry: This culinary kitty loves to make his creations in the Glass Vase.

Conductor Whiskers: Leave out the Cardboard Choo-Choo or Twisty Rail toy to lure him out.

Saint Purrtrick: This amazing and saintly cat loves comfort so will arrive if a Kotatsu or Silk Crepe Pillow is present.

Ms. Fortune: Charismatic and cute, leave out a Cardboard House and she will pay a visit.

Bob the Cat: Ever the explorer, if you have a Cat Metropolis he will come out.

Mr Meowgi: This plucky kitty will come to the yard if you have a Scratching Log or a pretty Sakura Pillow for him to sleep on.

Xerxes IX: This noble cat will only arrive if you put out the Zanzibar Cushion.

Chairman Meow: Leave out the Earthenware Pot or Sunken Fireplace to see him appear.

Billy the Kitten: This cow-cat wants the Cowboy Hat in order to show up.

Senor Don Gato: This moustachioed feline loves the Mister Mouse toy.

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The following rare cats have food requirements:

Frosty: Likes to be comfy so heat or cooling pads and cushions will bring him out as long as there’s no Thrifty Bits around.

Lady Meow-Meow: Only the best for this star, the Luxurious Hammock and no Thrifty Bits brings her out.

Kathmandu: This well dressed cat will show if you have the Laquered Bowl and no Thrifty Bits or Frisky Bits.

Sassy Fran: This lovable cat doesn’t like Thrifty Bits but she will appear if you have the Cardboard Café.

Ramses the Great: An Egyptian wonder who loves the Pyramid Tent but make sure there’s no Sashimi around.

Of course, you won’t see these rare cats the moment you put the relevant items down but in time you’ll hopefully manage to spot them. Have fun!

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